Synopsis: Michelle had been hearing voices. She was looking around the art room to see if anyone else had heard them as well.

No one indicated anything. They were so engaged in their art
they didn’t even seem to notice the storm outside.
Not only that, but they were so engaged with their conversations,
they seemed to ignore their art.

This was typical for young adults,
just barely entering their teens.
More often than not they have a hard time realizing
there is a whole world outside of themselves.

Instead, like many school children
who do not value the opportunity of a free education,
they were more focused on discussing the weather
and other popular gossip of the day.

a boy in which Michelle had become quite found of,
over the last several months,
must have seen her emotions betray her
for he asked if she was okay.

Michelle looked into his eyes
which always reminded her of Robin’s eggs,
except instead of containing a hard outer shell
his baby blues could break through any barrier.

His piercing stare always made her feel uncomfortable,
so she never looked into his eyes for long.
“Yeah” she said shaking her head,
as if trying to shake the voices out as well
“I think I just need a drink…”

She paused, pressed her palms into her olive complexion
ran her hands past her cheek… over hear ears
through her hair… and down the back of her neck
trying to ease some of the tension that was beginning to build up inside of her.