Synopsis: Michelle had been hearing voices. She was looking around the art room to see if anyone else had heard them as well, only one boy, Zack seemed to notice. They begin an interaction.

She paused, pressed her palms into her olive complexion
ran her hands past her cheek… over hear ears
through her hair… and down the back of her neck
trying to ease some of the tension that was beginning to build up inside of her.

She looked back up at Zack,
whose black eyebrows,
which matched his hair and any clothing he ever wore,
were furrowed in concern.

Michelle smiled, got up,
and placed her hand
upon his cool, slippery leather jacketed shoulder.
She talked quietly into his milky-white ear:

“I just don’t think…
she gave herself a pause to think
she couldn’t tell him
she was hearing voices

“I just don’t think
I got enough sleep or something,
She pulled away
daring herself to looking at him.

She searched his face for understanding.
It worked. She found what she was looking for.
His eyebrows relaxed.
He smiled and nodded.

Michelle nodded in return,
got up, and then made her way
to the teacher’s desk.

Had she been stuck in a maze,
it may have been just as complicated.
The room was overcrowded with
wooden tables and black-topped silver stools.