Synopsis:Michelle had been hearing voices all morning, but no one around her seemed to be hearing the same thing.  She decides to get up and splash some cool water on her face to try to make them go away.  It didn’t work and now all of her senses are on over drive. 

Time stood still

as she tried to force her body to believe

the implication of

her own words.

And when she finally opened her eyes

he was gone, almost supernaturally,

yet behind he left a lingering

sense of oppression.

Michelle stood alone for a moment

absorbing the quiet stillness around her

as if trying to force some sense of sanity

back into her very being.

Defiantly, she opened her eyes

and began to walk back towards the classroom.

As if crossing that threshold

could save her.

And yet, with each step

the voices

seemed to






The Thunder Being is coming… Bum-bum

The Thunder Being he comes… Bum-bum

The Thunder Being is coming…Bum-bum

There is no place to run! BUM-BUM!

They started softly enough,



a heartbeat.



with each

dreadful step.

By the time Michelle opened

the heavy wooden fire door,

the sound was becoming more

than just noise.

It was becoming weight,

pushing down to the point

where she felt as though she were wearing

heavy winter clothes.

And as she manipulated her way back

through the mesh of desks and chairs and chattering students,

she felt as though she was trudging through deep snow,

as if gravity was increasing its pull.

She felt ten times her own weight.

And the music and the noise and the bright lights

only added to her state of confusion.

Her senses seemed to be on overload.

Her anxiety was growing,

like a balloon about ready to pop.

She felt light headed and dizzy

and as if all of her nerves were exposed.