Synopsis: Michelle had been hearing voices all morning, but no one around her seemed to be hearing the same thing.  She decides to get up and splash some cool water on her face to try to make them go away. 

She wasn’t stupid.

She read Harry Potter, when Hermione told Harry,

“even in the wizarding world,

hearing voices isn’t a good sign.”

She scanned the art room

searching other faces

to see how they too might be reacting

to the outside environment around them.

The other students seemed oblivious

smiling and chatting

wrapped up in their own conversations

and the gossip of the day.

She got up and grabbed the pink hallway pass

which was attached to a simple lanyard

that was always kept on a hook by the door

inside of every classroom.

She thought to herself,

if I can  just splash some water on my face,

get up and move…take a deep breath,

the voices will go away.

Once  she was away from the light and noise,

alone in the quite, cold stoned walls of the bathroom,

she pushed a round button

of a silver plated faucet with slight force.

Cool, clear water cascaded out

which she cupped her hands below to catch,

and raised to her unadorned face

which she slapped slightly.

Even her slight footsteps echoed in the bathroom

as she went to get a paper towel out of the dispenser.  

As as she did so, then again she began to hear

the drums and the chanting that went along with them:  





The Thunder Being is coming… Bum-bum

The Thunder Being he comes… Bum-bum

The Thunder Being is coming…Bum-bum

There is no place to run! BUM-BUM!

Her heart began to beat

faster than the rhythm of the drum she was hearing,

and she felt a course of adrenaline

shoot throughout her body and stop once it reached her finger tips.

Who was this Thunder being?

Why was it coming,

especially for her?

And would she even be able to make it out of the bathroom?

As Michelle maneuvered her way  back to the classroom,

through the empty alabaster hallway,

she couldn’t help but feel as if

she was being…followed.