Synopsis:Michelle had been hearing voices all morning, but no one around her seemed to be hearing the same thing.  She decides to get up and splash some cool water on her face to try to make them go away. 

What is happening to me?

She thought to herself.

She shut her eyes

and took a deep breath.

When she opened them she saw,

at the end of the long, brightly lit hallway,

what almost looked like

a cloud of mist.

The type of mist one might see

at the break of a cold day

rising up from a warm body of water

into the cool morning air.

In front of the mist

was a dark swirling fog

like ash dancing

around a fire.

And in front of that

was such an immense figure

that his presence

filled the entire hallway.


Michelle dropped down


a fetal position.

She placed her palms

over her hears

and said out loud to herself,

“He’s not real.”