Author’s Note:  I publish the most recent update first.  In order to get the full sense of the story, school the first post and read backwards. 🙂 

Synopsis:Michelle had been hearing voices, now with her senses are on over drive, she is beginning to experience an emotional break down. 

She briefly remembered

hands on back

a voice asking,

“Are you okay?”

Does it look like Im okay?!

She tried to scream,

but her voice

became lost inside of her.

She felt like Alice in Wonderland

descending down

further and further

into a dark, seemingly endless, tunnel.

And yet eyes and voices

tried to

penetrate past her senses

and catch her before she fell too far.

Hands grasped her biceps

and lifted her out of her chair

which caused her coil into herself

like a rolly-polly does when touched.

The touch,

combined with her already exposed nerves

seemed to cause her to keep retreating

farther and further into herself.

She fell…                      


…and further….


                                                                               … her … …own world.

                                                  A place of peace…

… a sharp contrast…

                               … to the concerned…

…anxious adults…

                                                                          …around her.