Author’s Note:  I publish the most recent update first.  In order to get the full sense of the story, school the first post and read backwards.  

Synopsis:Michelle had been hearing voices, now with her senses are on over drive, she is beginning to experience an emotional break down. 

Michelle just wanted to stay inside of herself

and never



She rocked back and forth

in a ball on the hard floor

trying to give herself

some semblance of comfort.

She was aware of

a warm, caramel macchiato sound

that the school’s social worker’s voice

always produced,

and it was currently trying to drip out




It’s not that Michelle didn’t want

to respond.

It’s that

she couldn’t.

As if

she was becoming lost

from the inside


As if

she was drifting away

towards  the shores of reality

towards some other foreign, unknown  land.

She didn’t know the route

that was about to take her there,

nor did she know the route

that would take her back home

If that

was even

an option

at all.

And so

she just