Synopsis:Michelle had been hearing voices all morning, but no one around her seemed to be hearing the same thing.  She decides to get up and splash some cool water on her face to try to make them go away.  It didn’t work and now all of her senses are on over drive and are ready now to explode. 

The chant then became

a broken record

slowly growing louder

which each skip and beat:





The Thunder Being is coming… Bum-bum

The Thunder Being he comes… Bum-bum

The Thunder Being is coming…Bum-bum

There is no place to run! BUM-BUM!

Emotions churned inside of her

as if she were on a boat

at sea

during a violent storm.

The waves were never ceasing.

Increasing in ferocity,

which left her feeling restless

and irritable.

She didn’t know what to do anymore

other than to hunker down

and wait it out

right there in the art room.

She wrapped her arms around her head

unleashed a well of tears

and began to softly say

yet increasing with intensity…

“Stop it.

Just Stop it.

Stop it!

Leave me alone!”

Then everything around her

seems to turn into

a tornado

of chaos and commotion.